Fancy DVD Copy

Fancy DVD Copy 3.2

Fancy DVD Copy allows you to copy DVD movies to blank DVDs or hard disk

Fancy DVD Copy allows you to copy DVD movies to DVD or hard disk. In the main window you will see the fields source, destination, copy mode, source size, and some buttons at the bottom. You can select both source and destination from hard disk or DVD video disc. If you select the source from hard disk a window will be opened to browse your computer for a DVD video format. For destination if you select the DVD option, a blank DVD must be inserted. After selecting source and destination, you will be able to select the copy mode; also the source size will be displayed. With the buttons you can minimize, close, go to home page, look for help, open configuration, and "Start to copy DVD now" button. In the Configuration window you will find four tabs: Misc, Copying, Shrinking, and Burning. In the Misc tab you can select the temporary folder destination, clean temporary folder when finished, play sound when finished, select the sound file, check DMA mode, shut down computer when finished, and select a different skin for the program; The Copying tab includes the options mark or unmark to ignore read errors, remove UOPS (User operation prohibited), keep DVD menu when splitting, and keep region code; The Shrinking tab allows you to select the DVD size and shrink DVD to fit on 4.7GB disc; The burning tab allows you to select the burning engine, speed, volume name, number of copies, eject disc after burning, and automatically erase DVD RW disc when burning.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can directly copy dvds or backup


  • The evaluation version allows you to make only 10 copies
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